Zune 8GB for $99 at Future Shop

Future Shop has a great deal on the 8GB flash Zunes. For $99, you get a very capable music player, an excellent UI, some nifty features like Wifi-sync and a Microsoft that’s been rewarding users with additional features in firmware updates. In fact, despite having an iPhone, I find myself using the Zune more than my phone’s iPod feature when I listen to music. I have absolutely no qualms with recommending the player at this price.

You can also consider price matching with Best Buy for an additional $5 off.


3 Replies to “Zune 8GB for $99 at Future Shop”

  1. I might get Nick to pick one of these up for me before he comes to Bermuda, because my P2 lasted all of a month, and I’m once again on the market for a new mp3 player.

    P.S. One of your links is broken.

  2. The screen cracked. It was in my pocket so I’m sure there must have been some kind of pressure on it, but it’s not like I was playing rugby with it there…

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