Today was a wonderful day. We had two great performances and the one for our school was especially awesome. Then afterwards we had a big barbecue and just chatted with a bunch of people. It was sunny and warm; it just felt so much like summer. We sat out on the lawn and some people were throwing a football and frisbee around. I’ll definitely miss not having musical once this is over. I’ve spent a lot of time with this group and that will soon abruptly end. Not all is gloomy like that though. I mean I’ve gotten to know many of the people a lot better. It’s funny how preconceived notions are many times wrong. I feel bad that I held them in the first place now.

Another subject that has been on my mind recently is the one of relations. I’ll be going away this coming summer so I feel that it would be pointless/irresponsible to get into anything at this point. But try as I might, I’m drawn towards this one girl specifically. Chances are it’ll pass but the fact is I can’t help it, even though logically, I know I shouldn’t even be looking for anything. I guess that’s the thing with emotions; they’re not very logical at all. I probably sound like a very cold person, trying to hide my emotions behind reasoning.

Enough about that for now. I’ve got a jazz combo performance tonight. Nick’s coming to get me in about 15 minutes here so I should probably go get my music organized. Tomorrow should be another great day, weather calls for 16 degrees Celsius and cloudless skies. We have a show only in the morning and evening; no afternoon show tomorrow. That should work well as we’ll be able to go out in the sun for a while. No school for me! Plans are that we’ll head down to Victoria Park and throw something around. Yep, life is wonderful.



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