Wow, Physics > Me

So far university has been going pretty smoothly. I’ve met more people and they’re all generally very friendly and nice people. Now everyone puts on a social mask in the beginning so we’ll see as the days roll by.

My classes have been generally going well. I got a 13.5/15 on a math prep test here, which is actually pretty decent. Most people ranged from 6 to 10. On the list I saw one guy with a 1/15. Wow, that person more than likely did that on purpose. Otherwise I can’t see how they got into the program. I’m still waiting on the english exam results.

Oh, I’m back from REV (Ron Eydt Village, another residence). A few guys decided to head over there cause there are actually females there. I met a few more people, probably won’t recognize them in the future, but an enjoyable evening nonetheless. It felt like one of our old hangout sessions where we talked and did random stuff. It was a pretty cool crew there.

So yeah, back on topic. Physics is owning my ass right now. I had good marks in my physics class in high school, but as I’ve always said throughout that course, why don’t we actually learn to understand the material instead of just learning it for the sake of writing a test. So it’s now coming back to bite me in the ass. Since we always used the same variables and exactly the same method of doing the problems, a slight change throws everything off. And it bit me hard today. The material was familiar, but the questions were asked a little differently and approached questions from a slightly different angle. Since we never really understood, we can’t apply those ‘skills’ we acquired in new applications. So basically I’m fubar’d for physics right now. I’ve gotta get into gear and really relearn what we’ve done. If you were in my physics class in high school, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

On a more positive note, I’m becoming pretty good friends with a few people in my computer engineering class. The class has 124 people in it, so no like 500 people classes. Lectures are actually pretty enjoyable so far. The stuff taught isn’t too hard and isn’t progressing too quickly yet. I’m finding physics to be more challenging so far, but I can see the programming class being difficult as well once we get into the thick of things. Anyways, my math’s still pretty good in comparison here and I’ve already started helping some people out. There’s especially this one person, he’s in our dorm, third floor and I helped him with Calculus today. But in return, he’ll definitely be helping my with the programming class. He’s had quite a bit of experience with it. It was actually pretty interesting today, him and I had a pretty nice chat about linux. I could never do that back on the Island.

So it is really about teamwork. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. The best we can do is work together and combine our strengths to overcome those weaknesses. I can already tell university’s going to be much different from what I envisioned, but in a good way.

I’ll leave off here with an awesome quote tonight from when we were walking back to our res like 10 minutes ago.

“I’ve had blood in my alcohol system since last Friday.”
– Jordan


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