World in my Eyes: Jan. 5, 2006

There’s always lots going on all around the world each and every day, but the following are some of the things that are important in my eyes.

CNN: At least 134 killed in attacks across Iraq

It’s been almost three years now that the Coalition has been in Iraq. For a long time the worse was said to have been over. For a long time it was said that things were getting better, that signs pointed to a better and brighter future. But time after time, those hopes and predictions are shattered by the ear-splitting sound of another carbomb. Today one of the worst attacks in recent history has once more left many dead. Still, there are officials babbling about how the insurgents are being dealt major blows in the war on terror. I found this to be a pretty rediculous quote by one of them:

Asked if the attacks were a sign that the December elections had failed to diminish the insurgency in Iraq, Gen. Peter Pace said the opposite was true.

Pace, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that with each of the country’s three elections, voter turnout increased, indicating that “the terrorists failed at each of their primary missions of stopping the vote.”

“What’s clear to me is that each of the elections has been a major blow to al Qaeda,” Pace said at a Pentagon news conference Thursday. “I think what you’re seeing now is a continuing attempt to disrupt the proper formation of the Iraqi government, and I’m confident they will fail.”

Alright, I don’t pretend that I’m all that knowledgable about the specific details, but I would hardly call it a ‘major blow to al Qaeda’ when they still have the ability to kill over 100 people in ONE day. But I’m not sure that’s a real worry for those armchair generals sitting in their comfortable offices back in the United States. After all, who really cares how many random innocent Iraqis get killed right? With the American coalition pulling out of Iraq in the coming months, I have a strong doubt of the ability of the Iraqi security forces to keep the (relative) peace. It’s going to be difficult for the whole region not to erupt in a devestating mess that will make the American effort look pointless and the current conditions seem like paradise. But once more, as long as the Americans are out of the picture, the situation in Iraq will more than likely leave the spotlight it currently holds. After all, the Western World wants to know what is happening to them. While I never really supported the American war in Iraq to begin with, it will be a truly sad situation if those lives have been lost in vain.

Florida spammer faces $11 bn fine – ZDNet UK News

On a much lighter note, this story was completely and utterly hilarious. I’m not sure how these guys are going to pay up that much yet, but the point behind the ruling is that spam will not be tolerated. Still, $11 billion seems a little excess for some ‘Buy these penis-enlargement pill’ ads maybe? Oh fur sure, I won’t miss them but it’s hardly reasonable to expect them to actually pay up any significant portion of that fine. Let me put that in perspective. With that sort of money, you could buy the whole Hilton Hotels company and have a couple billion left over or basically purchase General Motors corp, minus its debt. That’s a whole lotta moola.


Visit the site and tell me if you notice anything different. If you’ve been following the computer industry much, you’ll have heard by now that Intel has just ditched its image of 37 years and has decided to launch a whole new branding campaign this year characterized by the catch-phrase “Leap Ahead”. Now this is a pretty ambitious plan. After all that Intel logo and the Intel Inside phrase has become the world’s fifth most valuable brand. Dropped in the coming year is the venerable ‘Pentium’ name as well as the Intel Inside logo. Instead the logo will be what you see on the site and the remaining product logos have been significantly revamped to a cleaner look. The new advertising campaign is just the beginning of a $2.5 billion rebranding of the whole company essentially. Instead of focusing only on the core of the computer, the CPU, they’re aiming to be a household name like Sony or Panasonic. I wish them the best of luck; over the past few years, AMD’s been handing them their ass in the technological aspect. Of great interest to be is Intel’s newly launched mobile chips however. I’ll write about that later on. That and CES deserve a post all of their own.

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