I can feel it already. I’m going to be a workaholic when I grow up. Let’s see now, I got to work today at 8AM and left around 6PM. That’s just the first day too! And to be honest, it felt pretty good solving problems in the program. Sure I’m not doing the fancy programming and stuff yet, but it takes a lot of problem solving to isolate and solve bugs in a program. Anyways, I can also now say that I’ve signed my first non-disclosure agreement, so no I can’t tell you about the top secret stuff I’m working on. =D

So I mananged to totally screw myself over this morning. It was like getting only 3 hours of sleep last night wasn’t enough (the people here are very, very loud) I mananged to miss my stop by about 20 minutes by foot. So yes, I had to backtrack like 20 minutes after realizing I’d gone a little too far on the bus. Then I still got there around 8AM only to find one other co-op student there. About half and hour later, the first actual employee came to open up the door. Whoopdeedoo. What an awesome start. I guess I have only myself to blame. I didn’t actually know when to go into work, so I decided I’d play it safe and go early. I mean think about it, imagine if I missed the bus or caught a later bus and had to walk back for 20 minutes…

I’m extremely tired right now; I can feel my eyelids drooping even as I type this. So, to end off this hectic day, I’m going to play some Rome Total War, read Dune and go to bed. Ah yes, the joys of the working world. I’m gonna be out like a light.


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