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It’s a new week at the company and I’m hard at work already. My direct supervisor left on vacation for the past week and she’ll be gone for the rest of this week as well. During the previous week, we had her boss as our supervisor. Well, now he’s gone too. The while department’s practically headless. Well, we still have work from before, so I mean it’s not like there’s nothing to do. But it does feel quite empty with those two people gone.

I got this crazy idea today at work. Well, it’s not that crazy, just a little impulsive. I decided that I just need to get a Treo 650 smartphone. I absolutely love the fully QWERTY keypad and the design. You’d think with those little buttons, it’d be hard to type anything, but oh it’s so much easier than you could ever imagine. Palm really put some thought into that piece of hardware. The way I see it is this. Without paying that much more than what I am now, I could just tack on unlimited text messaging. Then I’d pick up the phone as an always with me communicator, whether I want to call or just text something. See the thing is, with a regular cell phone, I’d hate texting anything. Those number pads are absolutely awful to type on in my opinion. This way, I can also organize my time a little better and I can write things I think of on the fly, instead of grabbing a pen and paper. It’s the ultimate tool really. So, I’m officially on the lookout for a good deal on a Treo 650. I think I’ll have to hit up eBay or something. I’ve already taken a look at there are some very nice deals there.

On a sadder note, I think I can officially say my 5G iPod is dieing, or at least the hard drive is. This has happened quite a few times in the past, but for one reason or another, I’ve put up with it. Well, no more, yesterday’s untimely, but necessary restore was the last. As soon as I get the chance (this weekend perhaps?) I’m going to get an Apple guy to look at it and then give me a new one. They’d better find out what’s wrong with it. Or, actually that part doesn’t really even matter. I just need them to give me a new one, one that’s problem-free. It seems like I have terrible luck with MP3 players. That old Creative Zen Micro also bit the dust pretty hard. I haven’t even tried to resurrect that one.

Oh! Prison Break’s almost on… Gotta run! I’ll leave you now listening to some awesome Benny Benassi. When’s a little bit of Benassi not awesome?

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