Work Semester #4

I’m back in Waterloo for another semester of fun. I’ll be back working at Sybase – it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience the first time, so I decided to give it another semester. I start tomorrow. I’m quite excited. I’m going back to the same position as last time, Product Management, but I don’t know which product I’ll be working on this semester. They couldn’t tell me which because it really depends on what they need the most help with. I have had two weeks off, but I’m not sure I’m ready to get back into the swing of things just yet. Not working is so much more relaxing than working. đŸ˜› Fortunately, a full time job is nothing compared to a semester at UWaterloo.

I start my business class at Laurier next Tuesday. I still have to go pick up the books required. I’m eager to see what my first real business course will entail. Along with the full time job and yet another PDEng course will definitely make for a fairly full schedule. I definitely want some time to spend on WordPress.

After my recent spending binge, I’m on the prowl for just one more item – a cell phone. Unfortunately, the K790a is still dieing. I get the feeling that the ‘service’ I sent it in for did just about nothing. All they did was update the firmware (which I could have done myself) and the memory corruption errors are still occurring. I’ll be sure to avoid Sony Ericssons in the future. I’ve got my eye mostly on the new Nokia N82.


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