Work Continuing on New Theme

Here’s a little status update on the upcoming theme. I’ve been extremely busy at work during the day (gearing up for a bunch of year end presentations to the department) and my nights have been taken up by the professional engineering course mandated by the University of Waterloo.

As an update on the progress of the work, I’ve pretty much finished the work on the actual design, aside from the search and archive templates. Then it’ll be a matter of integrating a bunch of the functions I’ve had in mind. I’m targeting a Christmas or New Year release, so that’ll be my gift to you.

With the obvious increase in interest of content monetization by bloggers, I’ve decided to make the new theme ad-friendly. That means designing the theme with advertising in mind; in this case, I’ve been focusing on text ads, such as Google Adsense or Yahoo’s Publisher Network program. The current Hemmed theme happened to work particularly well with an ad banner at the end of a piece of content, but I’ll be planning some strategic real estate for ads in the new theme.

Of course the choice will still be up to the owner to actually take advantage of that ad space; the theme will look perfectly normal without them.


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