WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 has been released, and included is one feature in particular that I’m very excited for, custom post types! This means I won’t need to use categories to present my posts in a different manner, say, for photos or asides. Time to go tinker offline and port some changes over to random process.


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  1. Sounds cool, but I have no idea what it means…
    I’m beginning to realize that I don’t like having two separate blogs (photo and writing)….any suggestions on themes/methods to amalgamate?

    1. Mmmm, well the easiest way would likely to export from one blog and import to the other (WordPress has that function, under the Tools section). Then it would be a matter of creating a new custom post type to display your photos in a different manner from the rest of your content.

  2. Yeah, the importing and exporting isn’t what I can’t figure out. I just can’t find a theme that I like to display both photos and text and designing one is way out of my league. We’ll chat when you arrive tomorrow 😀

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