WordPress 2.2 and a Revamped Google?

WordPress 2.2 was recently launched with some decent improvements, although the touted tagging feature is not among them. Not a big deal – people who really want tagging are probably using a plugin for it (UTW anyone?) and there’s talk that they’ll make the tagging feature play nice with UTW when it does come along. I don’t mind waiting a little while for that. I’d rather wait and have it work properly, than have it now and break all my tagging.

Aaron Brazell posted his habitual 10 Things You Should Know About WordPress 2.x for version 2.2. Among the features I’m more interested in are the native widgets (guess I’m going to have to go update some themes…), the plugin sandbox and the preview link (as opposed to the iframe it currently resides in). I’ll be taking some time this long weekend to upgrade the backend here. Speaking of which, I’ll probably (finally) get around to resurrecting the development blog as well. I see people going there for the theme demos and getting shafted – sorry about that.

Did Google redesign their homepage a bit recently? I normally frequent the Google Canada page but today I inadvertently typed in google.com instead and was greeted by a different layout than I’m used to (not that it took any length of time to figure out how to use 😛 ). Is this old news?


Speaking of Google, they announced they’ve redesigned Analytics as well, hopefully to make it more useful than it is in its current state, at least for me. My account hasn’t been upgraded yet.


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  1. Actually, speak of the devil. I wrote that yesterday and I got an email notifying me that my Google Analytics was updated as well earlier today. I’m impressed with it so far. Waayyyy more usable than that old excuse of a user interface.

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