I could write up a huge post about how good it is and all the nice features, but I’ll still reach the same conclusion so I may as well save you the time and pain of reading it all and just say this:

Go get Windows Media Player 11 pronto.

Very long story short, it’s the best media player I’ve used to date (yes, way better iTunes, WinAmp, WMP10, VLC, etc). Instead of having the flat file name-based hierarchical format of media players today, WMP11 actually (successfully) integrates a lot of visual features (no I’m not talking about stupid little visualizations). Combined with a good codec pack, WMP11 is pretty much all you need for all your multimedia needs, be it music or videos.

Windows Media Player 11

If it weren’t for the fact that I have an iPod and you still can’t sync with Windows Media Player, I would’ve dumped iTunes/Quicktime by now. If only…

Go get it.

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4 Replies to “WMP11”

  1. Downloaded it. Hasn’t broken the ole Peecee yet, but it’s still early in the day. Not all of my artists are showing up in the library though, hmmmm. Sketchy Microsoft products…

  2. Pfffftttt… That’s probably cause your music isn’t tagged properly. It sorts the artists by, well, the artist tag. That or it hasn’t finished indexing yet. It did take a while for my 3500 songs to index.

  3. I’m going to assume it hadn’t finished indexing all my music. My collection is perfectly tagged with the appropriate artist, album, year, track number, genre and album art. I’m a little anal when it comes to my music, haha. On a side note, I would like for there to be some sort of progress bar. Or at the very least some sort of information que at the bottom of the screen that says how many songs/gigs I have loaded in the library.

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