I’m deep in writing my second work term report for the University of Waterloo Electrical and Computer Engineering department. At present, I’ve just about completed 4 out of around 13 sections, so it’s progressing, albeit at a slightly slower pace than I’d like. I’m hoping to get it completed before the start of classes, even though it’s not due until 7 days after the official start of classes. I figure I’ll be busy the first week getting settled in. I also don’t imagine I’ll get too much quiet time with the group of people I’ll be living with. I’m planning for plenty of distractions.

I’ve been reading through my previous work term report to get a sense of what was involved and I realized something quite surprising. At the time, I thought what I’d written was extremely professional and well put together, but now that I look back on it as reference, I’m realizing just how much my writing has progressed over the past two years. Now the previous report looks almost amateur-ish. Although this report looks very good currently, undoubtedly in a few years, it will again look childish. At the risk of bragging, I’m quite impressed with my analytical and writing process over the years. I’m certain part of it can be attributed to the almost daily writing I do on this blog.

Through writing the numerous research reports over the last two work semesters, I’ve become interested in another potential career path – research analyst. I think my curious yet analytical personality would be a perfect match for this sort of career path. I’ve immensely enjoyed reading and analyzing the countless reports I’ve now read, first on wireless and telecommunications technologies at Bell Mobility, and more recently, database and service-oriented architecture reports. That’s one of the great things about these co-op jobs; they really open your eyes to new areas of work that you wouldn’t have ever considered otherwise.

I’m also making something of a new semester resolution. I make this type of resolution almost every semester, but with school to begin in a week tomorrow, I feel like this semester may be different. I resolve to keep on top of my school work throughout the semester. I resolve to review notes I’ve taken that day, so that I’m better able to retain what I’ve learned. It’s been too many times that I regret not doing this right around exam time, when I’m trying to cram a month’s (or more in some instances) worth of material into a couple days. No matter how much I’d like to do that, my brain just can’t handle it. Surprisingly, I’m come out of each semester relatively unscathed, but after getting slightly burned I think it’s time I changed my ways.

Despite what I’ve just resolved, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you find a few posts after the first week of classes that I’m already slacking off. 😉 I’ll keep you all updated.


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  1. I know. Looking back and reading some of my papers from first year I’m left wondering how I was even allowed to pass some of my classes. My writing seemed fantastic at the time, but now appears juvenile. I’m sure down the road I’ll look back with disdain at the rubbish I’m coming out with now.

  2. Hey Dad.

    Long time no talk… It seems like you are really enjoying what you are doing, from what I can judge from your blog anyway. Things are starting to get settled here in Bermuda, so hopefully I’ll be able to get my own blog set up soon. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

  3. Dad!?!?!? Did I miss something there? Got my first assignment for RC today:P First chap. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership…2500 words:D Should be fun:P



  4. Rene – Ah, the joys of progress eh? That’s one of the reasons for keeping up with this blog as well. I imagine it’s going to be stupendously amazing to be able to look back on my progress over the years.

    Nick – Sounds like. You’re reminding me of the pain that is UWaterloo, about to start in a few days. *sigh*

    Will – I look forward to you starting up a new blog. I want to hear what life is like in Bermuda!

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