Winter’s Over! And Other Stuff

It’s only a couple days into spring and already, I can feel it in the air. We had our first thunderstorm of the year (that’s more summer-ish, but whatever; I’ll take what I can get) and tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 19°C and sunny to boot. I think it’s just about shorts and t-shirt weather.

It’s also nearing the push to final exams here at the University of Waterloo and I’ve been finishing up the last few deliverables for the semester. I completed the final programming project in our Data Algorithms course earlier this evening. It took me a good part of an hour to finally squash the last bug. It’s somewhat ironic really; I ended up solving the problem through some good old pen-and-paper work.

I’ve been blogging with a different approach for the past several weeks. Instead of forcing myself to plough out a complete post in one sitting, I’ve been keeping upwards of 15 articles on the go, adding bits whenever I feel I have something interesting to add to it until it’s complete. Hopefully this is improving the quality of my writing somewhat, since I’d often try to mash a bunch of words into the editor in an attempt to communicate what I was thinking. Taking a step back and leaving it for later is both more productive and efficient.

Alright, you may have noticed this post is spur of the moment so I’ll leave it off with a final comment. I’m actually excited for Adobe’s launch of Creative Suite 3 tomorrow. Photoshop CS3 looks like quite the upgrade from CS2.


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