Winter Strikes Back

Well you may or may not remember my post from just a short while ago, predicting that winter had yet to start. I think we felt its wrath here in Waterloo just this past week. I was home in Niagara Falls for the weekend, recuperating from my recent sickness. On the busride back, I noticed some snow as we entered the Cambridge region. As we moved further north towards Waterloo, the snow got thicker and thicker. Clearly a lot had fallen while I was away in Niagara Falls, which hadn’t gotten a single flake of snow (just a lot of rain).To make things worse, yesterday (Monday) was another stormy day with high winds and more snow. Schools were canceled all around and it made it so very clear that I’ve grown up. No longer did I have the great feeling waking up and hearing the school cancellations. I would be going to work one way or the other. By tonight, there’s probably been 25cm of accumulated snow on the ground. It’s not going to be warming up anytime soon either so it looks like this snow is about to stay for once this winter. So since my prediction, the Maritimes have been hit by a storm and the same has happened here over the past few days. I feel like I just hit upon the luckiest coincidence ever. 😛

In other news… I had this feeling over the weekend that the whole internet like shut down or something. Why did I get this feeling? Here are the stats to prove it. Weird eh?

Did the internet die?



3 Replies to “Winter Strikes Back”

  1. I should mention that aside from that storm, winter has all but left. The snow disappeared quite quickly, and aside from the cold night temperatures, the days are usually warm. In fact, the sun is now setting at around 6ish instead of 4ish.

  2. What is the graph of? Total internet traffic….bandwidth?? Now you know why Ms. Curtis always ranted on and on about labelling your graphs (or was that Likely?)

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