Windows Home Server + Exchange

It’s been a while since Microsoft announced its Windows Home Server at CES earlier this year. Some of the features that were outlined included:

  • Smart Backups
  • Merged Storage Pool
  • Multimedia Streaming and Remote Access of Content

I was curious about the whole platform; the previews I’d read were mostly positive and the screenshots showed an intuitive user interface. I signed up for the private beta through Microsoft Connect about a month ago and got an invitation to the program in mid February. To be honest, I’ve yet to install and test out the OS since I don’t really have a spare computer lying around at the university. However, even without having tried out the software, I already know something I’d love to see added:

Microsoft Exchange Server.

Well, not the entire thing. For any sort of personal/family use, Exchange Server would be complete overkill. However, some of the core features such as a centralized database of emails, calendars and mobile access would be amazingly useful, at least to me. I currently operate with two computers: a desktop and a laptop. I predict this will be the case for the foreseeable future. One of the main qualms I’ve had with working on two computers is the lack of synchronization between them, especially my email. Running an IMAP server would simplify the nearly manual synchronization that I must do currently. Additionally, as mobile devices become more sophisticated and data prices fall, having access to a synchronized set of emails anywhere is extremely attractive.


2 Replies to “Windows Home Server + Exchange”

  1. What happened to not linking this to you? (First letter of Charlie’s name).

    we’ll set up a server at the house and centralize media and hook it up to the TV.

    it’ll be sick.

  2. totally agree. Even if you use imap klients to gmail accounts, the sync of several calendars between computers and cell phones etc. is something which is strongly missed.

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