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The Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for download, today, and I’ve just updated my HP Spectre 13T. There’s lots to discover in this build, and since one of the biggest reasons for releasing a preview so early in development is so that feedback is not just received, but can also be actioned on, I thought I’d post regular snippets of what I’m discovering and topics the built-in Feedback Tool asks for input on.


I downloaded the ISO from the Windows Preview site, mounted it, and copied contents to a USB key. I plugged the key into my Spectre, ran setup.exe and it told me it’d bring all my apps, settings, and data over. After an abbreviated out-of-box setup experience, I was thrown to the new desktop.

Just about everything appears to be working as expected, with the exception of some touchpad gestures. Not all multi-touch actions appear to work properly. Two-finger taps no longer emulate right-clicks. More annoyingly, two-finger scrolling works intermittently in Internet Explorer; more than half the time, it shows a little scroll bar icon, but doesn’t scroll.


A feedback request popped up for the new location of notifications. Notification “toasts” now appear as fly-ins at the bottom right of the display, just above the task tray. Placement is more logical from an information grouping perspective than from the top right, before.

Feedback Tool

It’s a bit ugly, frankly. I’m not saying it should be the top priority feature to be well-designed and polished, but it could go some distance to be more inviting, with better formatting and font size selection.

Feedback tool


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