Windows 8 – Consumer Preview Incoming

The kimono is finally starting to open.

First, we announced that we’ll be hosting a Windows 8 Consumer Preview event, February 29th, on the outskirts of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here’s an article from Mary-Jo Foley, spreading the news. The previous milestone, the Developer Preview, was released at the //build conference, last September. This time, it’s the broader public’s turn to take it for a test drive, and experience Metro style first hand. I’m very excited!

Second, StevenSi posted an epic-long blog on Windows 8 on ARM, and in particular some of the design and engineering choices we made along the way. It’s been an absolutely crazy half year on the team for me, and we’re busying away at getting a high quality product out the door. Steven calls out the close co-engineering work being done with our partners –

Our goal is to make sure that a reimagined Windows delivers a seamless experience from the chipset through firmware, through hardware, through the OS, through applications, and ultimately to the person interacting with the PC. This is a new level of involvement that brings with it a new level of engineering work across all of the parties involved. This new approach is about delivering a unique combination of choice, experiences, and a reliable end-to-end experience over the life of the PC.

The close engineering work we undertake with our ARM silicon partners is the area of the project that I work on, to ensure we get that consumer electronics feel, taking advantage of the low power potential, high mobility designs, while eeking out as much performance as we can and giving users a flexible platform to both enjoy and be productive on, if they so choose. I self-hosted for over a week with the Samsung slate that we gave out at //build, and it was a wonderful software experience, with no productivity hold-backs. I cannot wait for that kind of do-anything experience, in a lighter form factor, with all-day battery life.

The accompanying video in the blog shows some key elements of Windows 8, as well as some first party app investments we’re making. Scott, in fact, sits down the hall from me! 🙂

I’ll write more on Windows 8, later this month, when you get a chance to download the Consumer Preview.


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  1. That’s quite an opening line…I thought I was in for a lingerie review. Can’t wait for Windows 8…it will be a great excuse for me to “invest” in a touch screen device. Though I am still wondering how Windows 8 touch environment on tablets etc. will function when using peripherals like monitors or projectors.

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