Windows 7 Release Candidate Now Available

Possibly the most anticipated Windows operating system ever is now available for download in Release Candidate form. Windows 7 is Microsoft’s attempt at mitigating many of the usability concerns with Vista, and after using the beta 1 version as my main operating system on both my desktop and laptop (yeah, a bit risky, I know) for the past few months, I’m confident in saying it does that and more. What’s especially pleasing to see is that Microsoft is directly incorporating customer feedback into Windows 7  throughout the pre-RTM product phases. I hope this is a precursor for future collaboration with their other products as well.

Currently, rumours put the official Windows 7  launch in October of this year. That will certainly make for an exciting work term!


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  1. I downloaded the RC a few days ago but haven’t done anything with it yet. I am not game enough to put it on my main PC but I downloaded it with the intention of installing on my wifes new netbook (aspire one). I have heard it is pretty good on a netbook but I need to talk her into letting me play with her new toy 🙂 so far I am not winning.

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