Windows 7 Constant Reboots

UPDATE March, 2010: I’m seeing a lot of search traffic to this page for Windows 7 reboots; however the following article won’t be of much use. Instead what is happening is caused by the Windows 7 Release Candidate time-out. Beginning March 1, 2010, the Release Candidate will reboot itself bi-hourly. Come June 1, the copy of Windows 7 RC will convert to a non-genuine copy. The solution is to upgrade to a retail Windows 7 release or go back to the operating system you were using before the Windows 7 Release Candidate.

I’ve been using Windows 7 Beta 1 as the primary OS on both my laptop and desktop. Sure, call me crazy, but up til now, it’s performed admirably. Now that I’ve been forced back to Vista on my desktop, it feels… old. The core of the OS may not have changed, but the usability changes added in Windows 7 make it completely different, in a good way. As I said to a Microsoft recruiter a few weeks ago, Windows 7’s UI just works.

Now back to the topic at hand; my desktop started rebooting itself randomly today. There was never any warning; no BSODs or error messages of any sort. Event Viewer didn’t tell me anything helpful either. The reboots happened at random, but the system was never able to stay on for more than half an hour without restarting. Figuring it to be a hardware error, I booted back into my Vista partition for the first time in a couple weeks without issue. No reboots.

I don’t have time to chase issues, so I’ll be slumming it out with Vista until reading week. At the very least I can reinstall Windows 7.


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  1. Try running check disk from Vista. I had reboots too and booted into XP normally. Just for the heck of it – I did a reboot of XP and whaaaalllaaa! Check disk started. Windows 7 then booted ok.

  2. Hi there,
    just wanted to let you know, that I have the exact same issue, but for me, I just had my first “strange” reboot, after more than a week on win7. No BSOD, no Events just a Reboot. Haven’t seen that so far 🙂

    Haven’t figured it out yet, but i’ll let you know if i find somethin’.


  3. … dudes the beta has runned out, all ppl with windows7 reboots every 2 2,5 houer… What you guys need to do it download RC1 (If i remember it right) Gives you windows for 1 year after getting productkey (for free) just like the beta…

    1. Hi guys, had exactly the same problem. I noticed that when i was playing streaming media like youtube stuff and internet radio, it is a trigger to a reboot. When i play streaming media, i am sure that my machine (win 7 7100) will reboot within the next minute, without any warnings. I also reboots random, but that’s only a few times a week. Anyone has solved this yet?

      1. Hi Thomas,
        I have been struggling with this problem for over 6 months now. Just last week, someone suggested that I do a BIOS update to see if it helps. So, I went out to my computer provider and downloaded a BIOS update dated 2003. After the update, my machine does not shutdown every other hour now. But, I still have the “machine reboots” while I play video and streaming video. I will come back and post some if I get it going.

        Any MS guys or Win 7 MVPs out there, please let me know if you have seen this issue. You would be better off solving this issue now than after the upcoming Win7 RTM.

        Rupak Ganguly

  4. Me 3….. Every 2 hours My Gateway desktop reboots… 0 errors,just reboots..
    If it wasn’t that most game are written for windows, I would be 100% Linux

  5. Myself and 4 friends all have PC’s running Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7601 (All Genuine… and pass Validation checks.)

    All 5 PC’s have different configurations of software and hardware. 3 are desktops and 2 are laptops. We all started having this issue within 24 hours of each other.

    The computers restart every 0.5 – 2.0 hours. No Blue Screen, just black screen and reboot.

    It seemed to start the same day as we all got fed the KB971033 update, but that update should not have had any effect on a computer running a genuine copy of Windows, right?

    Any Ideas?

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