Windows 10 – Start and Indexing

Day 3 of using Windows 10 –

Feedback Request: How Easy is it to use the Start Menu?

I give this one a 3/5. The Start Menu is back, of course (headline feature), and the addition of Live Tiles is a nice way to combine the familiarity of the old menu with the additional usefulness of the new Tile paradigm. However, as the Start Menu is still part of the “Modern” part of the OS, its DPI scaling is separate from that used on the Desktop.

In my case, I’m using an HP Spectre 13T, with a 2560×1440 resolution 13.3″ display. On the desktop, running the DPI scaling one notch below the maximum size (150%) nicely balances readability with screen real estate (1706×960, effective). However, the Modern side of the house, in the modern settings, under Display, one can only set “Smaller” or Default. Default sets scaling to 180%, Smaller sets it to 100%. 100% is too small for comfortable reading, while 180% makes things comically large, in my opinion (about 5% more real estate than 1366×768, effective). I’d love to be able to set the Modern UI to the middle scaling plateau – 140%. Note: this isn’t a regression with Windows 10, just maintains the status quo of Windows 8.1 modern UI scaling (apps can use 140%, though).

Aside from that, I think I need to use this machine more often, to have the most-frequently-used section of the Start menu be populated with more relevant content. Currently, it is prepopulated with some unhelpful defaults: Sticky Notes, PowerShell, Help + Tips, XPS Viewer, and Notepad.

Search Indexing Activity

I’m seeing a lot of unusual activity with search indexing. The Windows Search Filter Host takes up a constant 18%+ of overall CPU resources, even while unplugged. I even let it run for an entire day, yesterday, and today, it’s running and indexing, again. It’s murdering battery life, because the CPU can’t idle. Looking at indexing status shows indexing to be essentially stopped (indexed file count is static), so it’s not clear what those cycles are going towards. I’ve paused indexing and killed the process for the time being.


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  1. I have a relatively low powered machine and I have found the same issue with windows 10 indexing. It seems to be running for days at times and it eats up my CPU cycles at times to the point that the machine becomes unusable. other times it seems ok but still takes background cycles for some reason. this is all based on what is going on in task manager. Other than that issue I like windows 10 from a usability and interface perspective.

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