Winding Down

I’ve been enjoying what I believe is a well-earned rest before shipping off to university again. I’ve spent a lot of time (perhaps a bit too much to be honest) obsessing over Medieval 2: Total War. It was actually a Christmas gift for my dad, but as it turns out, he’s still engrossed by Civilization IV, a game I bought him last Christmas. I’m looking for my copy of Kingdom of Heaven as well; I didn’t particularly like the movie, but I always have to have a movie to go along with a Total War game. For Rome, it was obviously Gladiator; for Medieval 2, Kingdom of Heaven seems to fit particularly well, based on when I remember of it anyways. Now, if I could just find that disc… Oh, I’m sure glad I didn’t live in the era of this game. I mean those inquisitors have already burned too many of my generals (quite annoying really). I don’t think a person like me could last too long in a time of faith.

Don’t worry, I haven’t been wasting all my time on a game. I’ve been trying to show some self-discipline; for a couple hours each day, I’ve been going through the intro to my programming class for next semester. (It’s really a Data Structures and Algorithms class, according to the university.) Since I haven’t really programmed anything for almost a year now, I was pretty certain I would have forgotten just about everything. Actually, picking it back up isn’t too bad at all. It almost seems like I’m understanding it better the second time around, reviewing it myself. Some concepts I sort of breezed through without really understanding (and hoping wouldn’t show up on the final), like pointers, are making sense to me now. Maybe my random bits of work with Javascript and PHP during my WordPress template design process kept those concepts I learned on the backburner.

Speaking of that design, it’s coming along quite nicely now. If I were some software design firm, I’d probably call it ‘feature-complete’ or something along those lines. Now I just need to pretty it up for presentation. I’ll be launching the new design along with a completely new domain. I’ve already got the hosting and a domain name registered, so it’ll be a matter of moving over all the archives from this host. I’ll fire off a permanent redirect to the new domain so I can keep most of my search engine rankings, hopefully. (I rank up near the top for some interesting search terms; I’ll be sure to put together a post on that before I make the move.)

Well, it’s nearing 1:30am so I think it’s bedtime for me.


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