Will Linux Actually Make You Buy a Dell?

Big news of the day seems to be all Dell. Dell’s going to be selling laptops in retail at Walmart. This is quite different from a time when the direct model was allowing Dell to leave their competition in the dust. Seems like consumers want to be able to see and feel a computer before dropping some money.

So that took care of the general consumer market, but enthusiasts also got a dose of good news. Dell, today, began offering select computers with Linux, specifically Ubuntu. Everyone’s clamoring over the event, but let me ask, how many people are actually going to buy a Dell, just because they’re offering Ubuntu? Chances are, the people who’ve been using Linux build their own computers. Are they willing to sacrifice choice of components and go with a Dell? I’ve dabbled around in Linux as well, but the mere fact that Dell is offering them, doesn’t mean I’m going to buy one. I still prefer to have the choice associated with self-assembled machines.

Sure, pre-installed Linux may have gotten nearly 150 thousand votes on IdeaStorm, but in reality only a very small percentage of that will actually go out and buy a Dell, just because they ‘listened‘. In the end, open source fanatics will be able to brag and tell all that they effected a change at a major corporation, but I doubt Dell will see the sort of volume that IdeaStorm seems to indicate may occur.

And you can be pretty sure that if sales are next to nothing, Dell will pull the plug, citing just that. Oh, how they’ll howl then.


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  1. Perhaps Dell is just trying to be different and appear to be more open minded to the Open Source world. I agree, especially for corporations with contract deals with Dell, they aren’t about to switch to Ubuntu if their corporate infrastructure runs on Windows.

    Or it could be that they’re trying to bring Linux into a friendly light, showing its becoming more of a typical-user friendly OS and be less intimidating.

    Oh yeah, I broke my WordPress DB tables =(

  2. I think it’s more of the former. Dell’s been losing market share like mad – at this point anything that puts them in a positive light is a bonus for them. They really have to put a different spin on their image. I think people are just tired of Dell. Especially since HP and Acer have been pushing their stuff in retail and at competitive prices. At one point no one could touch Dell’s pricing, but that seems to have changed.

    Not to mention their consumer laptop line just looks absolutely abysmal compared to some of the new designs from HP, Sony, etc.

    Sorry to hear about your WP database. What happened?

  3. I would buy a Dell pre-installed with Linux as a way to learn the New OS…This way all printers, disk drives, graphics cards, etc. would be work out of the box…..

    It would ease the learning curve of the OS….

    So far the pre-installed Linux boxes are limited to the US, France, Germany and England….The language issue in Canada is too difficult for Dell to manage (English and French) Oh.. the sell in France and England????

    Dell has dropped the ball on the Linux rollout….

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