Why Is Everyone Sick?!

At school. Germs flying all around. Me trying to protect myself from infestation.

That has been the gist of my week. It seems like many, many people have recently come down with colds. Even teachers are getting hit pretty hard. So there I find myself sitting there listening to people cough/sneeze and blow their noses. I personally hate getting sick (and I’m sure most people so as well) and so don’t especially want to catch a cold or anything.

Ok, enough beating around tehe bush; IF YOU’RE SICK, STAY HOME!!!!

Maybe it’s God trying to tell you something. Or maybe it’s just common sense. You’re sick kid, stay home, take a friggin BREAK from school to get better sooner. Maybe this way these bacterial/viral infections wouldn’t spread so quickly or as much. We all look forward to those long weekends but won’t even take a day off when we have a legitimate reason. But still they come to school and fill it up with nasty things and then someone else’ll get it and on and on it goes.

So there I sit surrounded by sick people trying to ward off the germs. I think my immune system’s pretty strong right now cause I haven’t gotten sick (yet). I do feel a bit of scratchiness in my throat every once in a while but hopefully that won’t develop into anything. I’m drinking lots and lots of water and eating loads of chocolate (*ahem, ok so maybe that doesn’t do anything…).

So, uh.. moral of the story? Don’t get me sick.



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