Where Did All The Nice Weather Go?

Well during the week of our musical, we had nice sunny days with 15C+ temperatures everyday. Now that the musical’s over and we finally have time to go out, we’ve had generally crappy cold weather. You may have read that it actually snowed here a couple days ago. That was weird/insane.

If you take a look at the ten day forcast in that little weather applet thingy, you’ll notice that almost all of those ten days going to be filled with mediocre temperatures and crappy cloudy or rainy weather. I mean come on, that just plain sucks. My last days here and I’m going to be cooped up in the house.

Speaking of which, we sold our house and all about 2 weeks ago and whatnot, but I recently noticed that there are quite a few people up to some selling. On our street alone (a relatively new neighborhood) there are now 5 houses for sale. That’s out of a total of like 12 houses on our street. It’s pretty coincidental that everyone all of a sudden put their houses on the market. I wonder if there’s something we don’t know… Hmmm..?

In any case, just a short little update as I continue to work on my calculus homework. God it’s boring and tedious. We’re doing derivatives right now where you find the limit of sloped lines and that sort of stuff. The thing is, it’s much of the same thing over and over again. Ah well, at least the teacher makes classes pretty interesting. That can’t be said for the homework though. I’ll just have to labor through them; I’ve got a test on this stuff this coming Tuesday so I need some practice.



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  1. Man, from I’ve read around here, you are getting quite an amount of tests, poor u dude! That’s overkill, tests every week. Anyway, it’s still snowing there, lol. It’s almost June man…

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