When Things Work Out

Well, it seems like I was able to turn that awkward social position into a much more favorable one. I’m really happy about that actually and I’ll definitely not place myself back there again…

Also, it would seem like something I’ve been wanting for a while will soon come to fruition. If everything goes as planned, I shall reveal to you by this Saturday.

Lastly, I’ve added another theme to this blog so you can check it out if you’re curious. It’s the one I’ve been working on for long hours in the theme workshop blog. It’s nearing completion and I thought I’d get your opinion/usage comments. In my opinion, it blows away what I’ve got set as default on here right now. As soon as I finish, it’ll definitely become the default theme for these blogs. I’m really liking it, so check it out.

I love it when things go just as I want them. Doesn’t happen every day… 🙂


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