What You Learn At University

You think you come to university to learn about your field of study. Sure, while that may be true to an extent, you learn so much more by just experiencing student life. Some of these skills will help you out in the long run, others are just things that are good to know.

  • Attendance of lectures aren’t marked. Except maybe Arts. ROFL.
  • Books? Nope don’t need them for lectures.
  • Go to your lectures somewhat earlier than when they start. Sure you could get away with going to classes right on time or a little late in high school. But there are only like 35 people in class. But at university, if you’re late, you sit at the back of like 150 people where you can’t see and can barely hear. Not a good place for learning, but great for sleeping if that’s your forte.
  • Waterloo. The emphasis is on the ‘loo’. Oops…
  • You can say pwned and tell math/techie jokes and get a genuine laugh. As opposed to the weird looks… 😐 Oh and I tried out ROFL and STFU with them last night. Those worked too. Elicited a nice laugh or two. Oh if you want to know how you actually pronouce those two out loud, its rofl that rhymes with waffle (rawffle) and stafoo for stfu. Just if you want to be cool. That or you’re preparing to come to Uwaterloo.
  • Remember when you could ask your teachers to keep an overhead up longer cause you write slow? Now it’s too bad. They have a set amount of time and they aren’t gonna stop for anyone. So write fast and make acronyms you’ll recognize.
  • I’ve always complained about the 75 minute classes in high school. They were seriously too long for anyone to concentrate. We now have 50 minute lectures. They feel so short and nice comparatively. I can actually stay focused most of the time and the time seems to pass pretty quickly.
  • When you’re on a large campus you need to know all the shortcuts. Not only do you need to know shortcuts, you need to know where those ‘shortcuts’ lead. I seriously almost walked in a circle looking for my classes today. I thought I’d be okay without the campus map. Bad idea.
  • Sig Figs don’t matter.

The learning atmosphere’s pretty good. I’m not sure if it’s just cause it’s still early (very early at that) in the year. Everyone seems to be concentrating on their work. People are very good with helping others. No one knows when they’ll be the ones needing help. Oh don’t you worry, I’ll be asking people for help soon enough. I can feel it. Especially physics and my programming classes. I have a feeling I’m gonna need all the help I can get in those.

So yeah, what have you guys learned in university so far? (Outside of classes I mean) It’s really quite interesting and funny what I’ve picked up. Lots o’ fun.


6 Replies to “What You Learn At University”

  1. YES!!!!!111 Those high school chem/physics teachers can take their sigfigs and shove as far as they can. I always knew they were a load of total scheise. Thank you for that Chuck, if they dont matter at Uloo they dont matter anywhere. Great post, made me laugh too. You´ll pick up the coding easily enough, watch out for physics though, if you let it build up…well you know what inertia is like:P

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty nice cause all the profs’ answers to sig figs are like, take a reasonable amount. One professor was pretty caught off guard when we asked. He hadn’t taught physics in a while so I guess he didn’t realize the emphasis that is placed on sig figs in high school. I’m telling you, there was a collective sigh of relief from the whole class when he just said, do what you want but be reasonable.

    Honeslty, I think that’s the best way of going about it.

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