What Should Have Been and Horoscopes

Well, I’m officially exasperated. I just finished typing up all of my Windows Vista piece in the Joomla admin and when I went to save, my session had already timed out. I had neglected to change my time out to past 20 minutes. So yeah… All my work is gone. It should’ve been up by now but alas, it is not to be. I’ll write it up later (again) when I don’t feel so sad.

Oh, I just remembered this, on Friday at work, I had a debate with a fellow co-op student about the validity of horoscopes. I said they were generally pretty vague so you could twist almost anything to fit the mold. She disagreed and said on many occasions, they were actually true. The ironic part of it all was the fact that we had a newspaper there and looked up her horoscope for the day. Guess what it said? It said something along the lines of “You will have an argument with someone at work today. You need it as much as you need another hole in your hat.”

That was shocking to say the least. Is someone watching me up there?

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