What A Show!

Wowzers, it was pretty intense in that tent today. Charlottetown has just finished hosting its first ever Jazz and Blues Festival and it was a great boon for the musicians at least here. We all went and enjoyed the world-class performances. Too bad the attendance was pretty dismal. We had a huge tent set up here and barely half of it was filled for most of the festival. As Rob McConnell said while he was on stage, hope we don’t lose more than 50 or 60 grand on this whole affair. It’s truly mind-boggling how much talent was here; it’s sad that the common Islander didn’t realize it. I hope it’s not too late and the Island’ll get another one next year.

Oh did I mention the Nick Howard Band played? Well from that name you’d think we were some pop group or something, but no it’s just our regular combo that plays down at Victoria Row. However this time we played in front of about 1000 people. It’s funny because people like Rob McConnell’s group didn’t even have that many people attending. Well, to be honest the only reason we had that many was because we were opening for the Jive Kings Reunion (which I have to say was very good actually!). In any case, the crowd was amazing and we were pumped as hell to play.

I was personally a little nervous just before getting up on stage to play. I had taken a little peek around the stage at the crowd and I could see it was pretty large. But when we all got up there, it just felt so natural. We had a ton of fun and after all, that’s what it should be all about. We played extremely well and I’d even go as far to say that it may have been our best performance in all of our 3 year history of playing together. The crowd really energized me and I was happy to play my heart out.

Of course afterwards, we were treated by the audience as though we were famous or something. I was saying thanks and thank you to everyone and their grandma. It was crazy but a good feeling to know that you’ve been appreciated. As I said in a previous posting, it was only appropriate that we went out with such a bang. The whole combo thing over the years has been a source of fun and enjoyment. What more could you ask for than to just simply play? Sometimes I ask myself if I maybe should have pursued this thing that call music in university. It’s going to be pretty tought to continue any sort of music while studying co-op computer engineering at Waterloo. Anyways, enough regretting that. I’ve made my decision and I can only hope it’s a good one. It was sad to be done of playing in that group, but all good things come to an end and I’ll only remember the great times when we’ve rocked out under Nick’s solo or pedalled for 4 lines in row with Paul or watched Danny do his Conan O’Brien drummer impersonation. Oh what fun we’ve had.

And after, we had to go to my old house because they had something from Waterloo. I guess the address change didn’t catch in time and something still got sent to that place I used to call home. It was definitely weird to see what they had changed when I remember everything in that house so clearly still as though it were yesterday that we had packed everything away and moved out. Shows just how some things stick with you.

*** Brief Interruption 12:44AM ***

– I just decided to open up that letter from Waterloo to see exactly what was in it. Well I almost did something nasty in my pants. Apparantly they’ve upgraded my scholarship due to my marks and extracurricular activities in the second term. I’ve now got a $10,000 scholarship. Heh, why not? I like money –

*** End Interruption 12:46AM ***

So where was I now? Ah yes, I went to my old house. Right, anywho I saw all the changes they made and it really made me nostalgic about the good old days of growing up there. I am truly going to miss my time in this place. Charlottetown may not seem like the most happening place, but it was (well is still my home for the next two days at least) my home and in my heart will always be my true place in Canada. It’s almost as though I’m leaving in body, but I’ll forever remember this homely city. I’ve been presented so many opportunities that I’ve both taken and declined and it’s those decisions that have shaped my life to make it what it is today.

So enough about my life here. I plan to write about that before I leave here so you’ll be able to read basically my life’s story soon.


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  1. Even though you’re going to be busy doing your papers and co-ops and drinking bawls, if you want you can still make ttime for music. And you should, you have spent so much of your life on it and you sound terrific so why not? Don’t go in expecting to stop playing, go in with the best expectations and try to meet them. The great thing about music is that the community is so tight (ex. Paul Tynan re niagara) you will be able to play no matter where you are.

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