Welcome to 2009

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2008 was as exciting and fruitful for you as it was for me. The second half of the year brought some serious economic difficulties for much of the developed world, but I’m hoping for the best in 2009. Hopefully a pick-up in consumer activity and even more fiscal stimulus will turn the situation around.

Looking forward to 2009, I’ll be facing my last full year of undergraduate studies. It’s shocking to realize that I’ve been at the University of Waterloo for almost 4 years already. All the thoughts of what I’ll be doing after my undergrad that I used to put off because ‘I have plenty of time to think about it‘ are storming back. Only this time, I don’t have plenty of time to prepare. I’ll have to make some big decisions over the next 8 months.

As for shorter term goals, I intend on placing on the Dean’s List again during the next semester, thus cementing the Dean’s List qualification on my undergraduate diploma. I will continue with work at Indigo, on a part time basis and see the public launch of the project I spent 4 months on.

Again, Happy New Year to all, and best wishes for this last year of the decade.


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