Weekend Update

Well, I had planned on spending some time over the weekend fixing up some annoying issues I’ve seen with the themes I’ve released. Especially the commenting system. They’re all the same and ugly at that. But despite all that, I definitely didn’t expect this one to pop up.

Widgets Plugin

Uh oh. This is going to mean I’m going to have to do some work on fixing up my sidebar to work with the plugin. I still haven’t taken too deep of a look of what’s involved, but judging by this tutorial, it doesn’t seem too bad. The only thing that could be potentially difficult is modifying the Hemmed theme to take the plugin properly. Since sidebars can usually expand as long as they need to, it doesn’t matter how they’re styled really. However the bottom bar is space sensitive so I’ll have to take a look at the CSS to see how I can make that work without looking ugly as hell. I’m lucky in that I’ve only got a few themes out there. I can’t imagine the people with many, many themes. That’s just going to be brutal to modify.

As well, I’ve been progressing with my work on Hemmed. I’ve added live commenting and changed up the comment styling. I actually also have LiveSearch working, but it really doesn’t seem to like Internet Explorer too much. As much as I hate IE for all its quirks (see, I’m allowed to say this from a developer’s point of view now. :)) a lot of people still use IE. Being the more technically inclined people that bloggers probably are, I only get around 25% of my visitors on IE (as opposed to the like 85% market share is actually commands) but nonetheless a quarter is a quarter is a quarter.

So this weekend shall be a pretty intense couple days of work, but hopefully something nice will come of it. 🙂

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  1. The only themes of mine that are updated to use widgets are this theme I’m currently using (Hemmed) and Altitude. The others I couldn’t easily implement the widgets, so I’ve left it for now. These two seem to be the more popular ones anyways. Hope that helps. Hemmed 1.3 and Altitude 1.1 have support for the widgets by the way.

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