Week of Hell

Well, I’m going to honestly say this week is one of the worse weeks I’ve had since coming to university. It’s mostly because of the amount of work that needs to be done, but a severe lack of time to accomplish it all in. I’ve had/have 4 assignments due, including a MSci assignment which has probably been one of, if not the longest assignment up til now. Additionally, there was a lab report to do and I have a term test this Friday in circuits. I’ve very underprepared for that currently. I’ve done most of the assignments except for Calculus. That won’t get done in time if they don’t move the due date as some people have been trying to do. I just don’t have time between now and Friday to take out 4 or 5 hours to do it if I want to get anything decent on this term test. It’s also why I’m posting sporadically, like at 7:30 in the morning just before class…
Oh, and I still haven’t found a place to live in Mississauga yet. I’m so screwed overall. 😐


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