Well, this has been the first weekend that I haven’t gone home in quite a long while. I guess it’s about time I started re-habituating myself with that again anyways. After all, I don’t plan, or have the time, to go home all the time when the school semester starts up again. Well, everyone I know went home, as usual (which is why I didn’t really have any incentive to stay around before) so I was left here to preoccupy myself. I had been wanting this book anyways, so I decided to set off for the local Chapters to kill some time. And time I did kill.

Okay, so I’ve been living in the city of Waterloo for almost 7 months now and you’d think I’d know my way around a bit. Well, the thing is, during my time at school, I rarely went off campus, and even if I did, it’d be to somewhere nearby. Then, over the past few months of co-op, I’ve taken the same bus route essentially every single day, so it’s not like I got to know the geography aside from that route. So here I was, not even sure where Chapters was and definitely not sure of which bus would get me there. I checked up on the web to see that Chapters is north of me. So I’d need to take the 7 north along King Street probably. I start walking to the nearest bus stop and look at the schedule. This bus goes to Charles Terminal, which is south, opposite the direction I want to go. Alright, time to hit up another bus stop. I walk part way across campus to another bus stop and take a look at the schedule there. Hmmm… weird, this bus also does to Charles Terminal. I decide to walk to the Student Life Center here to get a bus map to see what bus I actually needed to take and where that bus stop was. I finally get my hands on a map after about half an hour of walking around to bus stops. One glance at the map and I realize, there is no bus that goes north along King from our campus. I need to first go south, then hitch a ride on another bus. Alright, off I go.

So finally, I make the right transfers and I find myself outside of Chapters. By this time, it had actually started to drizzle, so I was pretty glad to get inside. I’ve never been to this Chapters, so I hit up one of those computers and look up the book I want to get, Theatre of the Mind by Jay Ingram. So it tells me it should be under science/biology. Well, that doesn’t help too much since I have no clue where the science section is. I ask one of the salespeople and I find my way. I grab the book flip it open to find that it costs $38… The website said $25 or so. Well, that’s crappy, but whatever. I want this book now! Well, that took all of 10 minutes. I didn’t exactly want to go back and get cooped up in my room already, so I decided to randomly browse around. Since I had been interested in improving my writing skills, I decided to take a look at some writing books. They all ended up being pretty much useless. My grammar is pretty good and I really just wanted to improve the quality of writing. Nothing really looked to be of any use in that regard. After randomly browsing for about another hour, I decided it was time to start heading back.

I exited Chapters to find it still spitting outside. This was around 2PM. I walk to the bus stop and waited. And waited. And waited some more. The bus finally came, which I took only for a couple blocks before having to step off to transfer to another bus. I definitely could have made it there faster walking than taking that bus. Well, I didn’t know I’d wait so long, but by the time I got to my transfer, the bus I needed to be there was not. It had left only a couple minutes earlier, or so I was told by a lady there. Golly, the next bus wasn’t due for half an hour. So I take a look at what other buses are coming to that stop. Hmm the 12. That could take me to the south entrance of the university at least. A glance at my watch tells me that one would be coming in a little less than 15 minutes. Okay, time to wait again. All told, it took well over an hour from stepping out of Chapters to stepping into my room. The distance was probably walkable in less time.

But I really didn’t have anything better to do. If I hadn’t taken that little adventure, you wouldn’t even see this post, so be grateful, or ungrateful, whatever. I wonder what I shall do tomorrow to keep from going insane. At least it’s supposed to be sunny and warmer tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go walking with the camera and see where I end up.

This is definitely shaping up to be a weak weekend.

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