Waterloo Park

Originally written Sunday March 26, 2006:

It’s a beautiful day and I myself at the Waterloo Park just south of the University of Waterloo. I didn’t eve know this park existed until a couple days ago. I was looking at the bus map when I saw an area colored green south of the campus. So, there was a park there. I asked a fellow co-op student at work who has been here a lot longer than I have about it. So it was confirmed. Here’s a picture of exactly where I’m writing this.

Park Table

The weekend has been very quiet, but that hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing. I’ve had a lot of time to just relax and write. As well, I definitely wouldn’t be here, listening to the bubbling of the creek, watching nature wake itself from winter and be basking in the sunshine otherwise. And I needed to do a little exploring. Over the past many months now, I’ve limited myself to the university and the trip to work. The fact I was so ignorant about the existence of this park is just one of the many examples which shows how little I know about this city, which will essentially be my home for the next 5 or so years.

I guess you could say that I’m actually one of those people who enjoys long walks. Even back on PEI, I used to love just sauntering through the nature trail that was across the road from my home. With it having been so busy here last semester and the fact that winter hasn’t exactly been nice to the region, I never really had a change to just take a nice walk to clear the mind a bit.

Anyways, the wind’s starting to feel a little cold and this notepad is somewhat annoying to write in. Plus there’s some sort of “zoo” here as well, which I wouldn’t mind taking a walk through.

Here are some pictures from my adventure…

Pyschology 2Psychology 1Sort of a zoo?Sunlife Tower
Perimeter InstitutePerimeter InstitutePerimeter InstitutePerimeter Institute
Perimeter InstitutePerimeter Institute

Do I even have to explain the last few pictures? They’re clearly of the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics… I seriously think those guys were giggling uncontrollably when they came up with the name. Perimeter Institute. PI…. Oh doesn’t the psychology building at the University of Waterloo look like a bunker? Well, it probably was built during the cold war. Probably build as a shelter against nuclear attacks or something… 🙂


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