Vorsprung durch Technik – 2009 Audi A4 Commercial

I’m so bombarded with advertisements everywhere I look (Internet, TV, billboards) that I feel as though I’m almost immune to them. I hardly pay any attention (although some will say advertising works on a very subconscious level, so I guess I am paying some attention). But this past weekend while watching some hockey, I saw Audi’s commercial for their new 2009 A4 sedan, which impressed me so much that I went online to research the vehicle. Even if I were to have stopped there, I think the ad would have counted as a success.

My family has been in the market for a new car, and after having driven Accord after Camry after Corolla, we thought it was about time to take the next step. We recently test drove a few cars, including the Lexus ES, RX, and the Acura TL, but decided to wait towards the end of the year before making a decision. We wanted to see what the new year models would bring. We didn’t bother much with the German makes since we prefer a smoother ride and for the same price range, we felt the BMW 3, Mercedes C and Audi A4 were all somewhat small. They simply weren’t targeted at our demographic.

For some reason, I’ve always liked Audis (definitely more than BMW or Mercedes-Benz) so when I saw that commercial and found out online that the 2009 A4 had increased in size in nearly all dimensions and smoothed out its ride, I immediately began reading reviews. I absolutely love the look of the car. I’ll be certain to let my parents know and book a test drive sometime in the near future. The only thing that worries me slightly is this nagging stereotype that Audis aren’t very reliable. I’d be happy to have someone convince me otherwise.

Vorsprung durch Technik – Advancement through Technology. I’m impressed.


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  1. I’m now on my fourth Audi – an A3 (for the wife), 2 X A6’s and now have an A8. Only problem ever (read large expense) was replacing the ABS unit on one A6 out of plan. Have always stuck to full dealer maintenance and it pays off. They are superb vehicles, look at how they’ve moved up in JD Power rankings and see it’s not just that I’ve had a unique experience. And the looks from the A3 through the TT right up to the R8 are to drool over – both inside and out. Honestly, if you like the new A4 (and what’s not to like – great engineering, design, finish and innovation) follow your heart.

  2. BigMac – Haha, well of course I like the A6 and A8 more… A bit out of our price league I think. I’m definitely going to look up some more rankings at JD Power and Consumer Reports. I’m glad there’s some positive anecdotal evidence.

    Palak – You’re still drag-racing with the van? 😛

  3. Have I ever mentioned to you that I have a bit of a thing for German cars? Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, and especially VW. Mmmmmm, how I love my German cars.

    Get the Audi A4. You know you wanna.

    Oh! And the A4 also has an app in the app store if you want to check it out.

  4. The Audi A4 is a gorgeous car, the whole audi range is fantastic. I am not really into the whole BMW thing they are far too common now, and they are overated. Although the audi’s are becoming more popular, they are just a classy car to drive and look at. It is hard to beat the handling of Audi’s 4-wheel drive.

  5. Haha, well that sure is a concise comment. 😛 I’ve now seen two of the new 2009 A4s during my walks to and from work in Toronto. It looks quite sweet in real-life as well. There’s something about Audi design that I just don’t feel in the BMWs or Mercedes I see around (although those new Mercedes S-class I see every so often is quite a sight in itself).

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