UWaterloo – Mission (Almost) Complete

In an ironic turn of events, the last semester of my undergraduate degree has been, well, a non-event. The courses I selected turned out to be rather easy (or perhaps I chose my strengths) and even this final exam period has been very anti-climactic. Over a three week timeline, I have only three exams. I wrote my first one this past Saturday, and my final two aren’t for nearly two weeks. It almost feels like it’s all over already. I’ve taken the last two days off, before restarting a slow-paced study for the last two. I can’t believe five rough and tumble years ends like this. Then again, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. There I go counting my chickens before they hatch.

I’ve always felt that this blog is more for my own perusal than anything else. I can look back on my life as I was finishing high school, and although I haven’t much important to say, I feel it’s necessary for me to put down the thoughts whirling in my head during this transitional period.

Hockey – my team of choice over the past few years has been the Vancouver Canucks, so it’s no surprise that I watched with glee on Saturday as Henrik Sedin put up 4 points to take over the points lead. The game was one of the most fun games I’ve ever watched. The guys out there looked like they were having fun too. Congrats on the Art Ross, Hank! The Canucks will play the Los Angeles Kings in the first round. I’m pumped. The Montreal Canadiens, a team that I’ve liked all the way back when Patrick Roy was their poster boy, scraped into the playoffs as well – I watched that Montreal-Toronto game with great anxiety. Boy did they really barely get by with the single point…

Travels – I’ve been planning a post-graduation vacation with classmates. Initially, I wanted to go to Europe, but the budget nor opinion could be agreed upon by all (some wanted to backpack, while others wanted more opulent accommodations). We finally settled on two Hawaii islands, or so I thought. As part of my employment at Microsoft, I obviously needed a work visa for the United States. I knew a TN would be applied for, but I was notified, last minute, that they would be petitioning for an H-1B as well. Apparently, during the application process, visiting the United States is a crapshoot. The lawyers strongly suggested I avoid traveling to the States during the application. Out the window Hawaii went.

I still want to cap off my university career with my new friends, so we’re going to plan a road trip within Canada. I’m likely not going to be spending much time in Canada, starting this summer, and there’s so much of this vast country that I’ve not yet seen. This will be a good opportunity to experience this wonderful nation just a little bit more. Of course, one of my primary objectives is to do lots of photography; I’ve gotten several of my friends interested as well, so we’ll be a bunch of DSLR-sporting tourists. It’s always fun to have a few shooting buddies.

Cars – I’ve decided to live on the East Side in the Puget Sound area when I move there this summer. I simply prefer a suburban lifestyle. I blame (?) my time on Prince Edward Island. I’ve developed a preference for a slower pace. Consequently, I’m looking to get a vehicle for commuting to and from work. Trained as an engineer, I’ve been running numbers, reviews, features, and aesthetics on a variety of vehicles, and I think I’ve narrowed it down, somewhat.

Volkswagen (Passat) CC – This was the first car I identified for my list. I’ve developed a think for German cars, ever since my parents picked up a BMW 5-er a bit more than a year ago. The CC looks incredibly slick, combines decent mileage with decent power, and is moderately priced. The drive was alright, but I’m probably expecting too much after having driven the BMW 5 for the past year.

Volkswagen Passat CC
The Volkswagen CC – delicious

Volkswagen Jetta 2.0T (Wolfsburg) – Since it seems like Volkswagen USA no longer sells the standard 2.0T Jetta without going for the Wolfsburg special edition model, this is the only choice for a 2.0T Jetta. Compared to the CC, it’s cheaper, has the same engine, is smaller (perhaps a good thing, since it’s just me, no family…) and still has a nice interior. I’m not a huge fan of the external design (too much bubbly), but the 2011 model looks more like an Audi A4-esque exterior. I like.

Hyundai Sonata – I’d be remiss not to include the 2011 Sonata on the list. It’s gotten tremendous reviews, but the test drive that I did made me feel a bit ‘eh’ to its driving feel. Of course, it’s a family sedan, but it’s quite cheap and looks alright. There’s a good number of tech gadget inside, which, of course, appeals to me.

Mazda3 – Surprisingly, this car looks fantastic in the flesh, despite some concerns about the perma-grin of the front grille. It apparently drives very nicely, has a decent interior and is cheap as chips. Not a bad combination.

Audi A3 – This is an outside shot, mainly because of the badge. I don’t want to show up at work, as a new-hire, cruising in an Audi. Just doesn’t send the right message in my opinion. Price-wise, it’s pretty near identical to the VW CC, so that’s not a major concern, just the badge. Still, a nice car with a nice interior. I’m quite partial to the hatch designs, despite the fact that most Americans are not. Shame really.

The Nissan Altima and Acura TSX are just barely on the outside looking in. The TSX is surprisingly affordable (a combination of a reasonable price and high residuals for the lease), but reviews have widely panned the redesign in 2009. Given the similar price to the CC overall, I’ll likely agree.

That’s about all for now. Lots of rambling, but there’s what’s in my head. See, nothing about school at all, in the midst of final exam season. πŸ™‚


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  1. My parents have a Volkswagen Passat and that’s been the main car I drove throughout the university years. They originally thought Jetta or Golf, but we went for the Passat for the trunk room (their previous vehicle was a minivan πŸ˜› so trunk room was important for golf clubs and curling brooms, as well as suitcases) and the fact that my dad at almost 6 feet tall could sit in the back seat with no leg room issues. But honestly, since it’s just for you, I would go with one of their smaller vehicles if you decide on a Volkswagen. The only other cars I’ve driven are Honda Civics and Accords, and the Volkswagen drives a million times smoother and accelerates quite well. It’s also pretty amazing on the gas mileage – we have a 2004 and can get 1000 km out of our diesel tank if it’s mostly highway driving.

    1. Ohhh, a diesel. The Jetta TDI is quite nice, but they’re so in demand, their prices are jacked through the roof. Shame.

      Yeah, I’ll likely go for a small car, the Jetta is looking pretty good right now. Nice interior, drives well, reasonable price. Thanks for the input, Tara!

  2. Dude!!! Come to Fredericton! What do you mean it’s not an exciting enough locale?

    I love German cars too much for my current station in life so I went with the Maz3 (I couldn’t argue with the prent-reduced price:D). I would highly recommend – great on gas, super fun to drive (it just WANTS to go fast ALL the time!) and very very quiet. Plus it’s cheap – and for me right now, that means more money later for little things like……grad school? Let me know if you want a fuller review.

    I wish my last week of undergraduate life were a little less exciting/mind-destroyingly intense.

    1. Oh come now Nick, is it the car that wants to go fast all the time or you? πŸ™‚

      We’ll see about making it up to Fredericton. It’s quite far, and well, I still haven’t been able to get my friends up here to appreciate the virtues of the Maritimes.

      Best of luck wrapping things up these next couple weeks!

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