The WordPress 2.0.2 security release was out almost two weeks ago now and I still haven’t gotten off my lazy butt to actually update these four (4!) blogs over to it yet. Hopefully there aren’t too many people attempting to hack my site right now. )

I did a decent amount of surfing and searching for plugins/upgrades for the blogs to make them more useful and just plain cooler. So far, my list of plugins/addons include:

  • Live Comment Preview – This is a great little plugin that allows you to immediately see what you’re writing will look like. I’ve already installed it actually. As you write a comments, you should be able to see the preview update.
  • Brian’s Latest Comments – To be honest, this is really just needed for the next plugin.
  • Rolling Archives – This is like the recent posts section I have at the bottom of my blogs, but with the added functionality of being able to browse more posts right in that little module there. Once again, this takes advantage of ‘AJAX’ to refresh only that section of the page. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to like Internet Explorer too much so I’m not yet sure if I want to make the site ugly looking for IE users.
  • AJAX Commenting – This seems like a pretty neat idea. Instead of refreshing the page to post comments, with this change to the theme, comments can be posted up right in front of your eyes.
  • LiveSearch – My last attempt at implementing this was a total, utter failure. Hopefully this time around, with my newly found understanding of the WordPress system, I’ll get it to work properly.

I’m trying to find ways to actually integrate these functions into the theme as opposed to having separate plugins. That way, it’ll be easier if I ever want to release the theme and I don’t have to use like 20 plugins just to keep the theme working properly.

A friend and I chatted about AJAX. (he did the talking and I did the listening is what I really mean) I’m pretty much clueless about the world of Javascript so I’m going to have to take a crash course in it to get an idea of how to actually get this AJAX thing going.

I’m also cleaning up my categories a bit, especially in the general blog. There are so many categories it’s nuts. I still remember categorizing around 100 posts when I first moved over from Blogger. That was terrible and I don’t tihnk I really paid much attention to what I was actually naming or putting in each category. Maybe this weekend I’ll spend some time tidying them up.


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