Uncle Sam

It’s that time of year again when all us lucky folks get to fill out those monstrous tax forms. There truly isn’t any such thing as free money. Those tax returns only come after you’ve labored at those tax returns for long periods of time, while pulling out your hair trying to dissect what the enigmatic wording is really trying to tell you. Fortunately my dad already has a nice Excel spreadsheet laid out for doing the taxes. Unfortunately, my university costs and co-op job add another dimension of complexity on top of it all.

I picked up a Canon SD450 digital camera and a 1GB SD card for my grandparents. They’re still using an old school film camera from back in the day and with email and whatnot, it should be a lot easier to send digital pictures as opposed to film ones. The camera’s an updated and more powerful version of my year-old Canon SD200. I’ve been super happy with it so I thought it would be a nice choice for them. It also kind of made me want a new camera… I managed to assuage some of tech craving by (finally) picking up a new mouse. It’s nothing fancy, just a Logitech LX7. It’s one of those optical wireless mice, not even a laser one, but it was 30 bucks or so and my trusty MX500 of almost three years now is finally starting to give way. The buttons are breaking or something. They’re making this weird cracking sound every time I click them now. Hmmmm… now that I think about it, the MX500 does have a 5 year warranty, although I’m pretty sure the receipt would be long gone by now.

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  1. The truth is most of us don’t want to give everyone a free ride for the rest of their lives. We firmly believe that if everyone has equal access to quality education (from kindergarten through college), good health care, and economic opportunity — it will benefit ALL of us, forever… 🙂

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