Two People I Know Will Enjoy This

So as the title says, I know at least two people who will enjoy this immensely. You know Jesse Cook? Nomad ring any bells? Anyways, he’s coming to Kitchener to put on a benefit concert for something. (Didn’t listen closely enough) No, I won’t be going to see him. Being a benefit concert, the tickets are kind of expensive, at $100. But yeah, it’s funny that he’s coming here.

Just thought you’d get a kick out of that.


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  1. I hate that!! When you find out somebody cool (ie. JESSE COOK…man I’d love to see his mullet in person!) is coming close to you and you get all excited. Then you look on the internet only to find out that the concert is ridiculously expensive. I should be seeing dave brubeck right now but the cheapest ticket was 75€ 😛 No thanks

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