Two More

I’ve got two more midterms and I’ll be able to slack off again. How nice that’ll be. I can hardly wait until next Thursday after 9PM… Currently, I’m trying to trudge my way through some induction and circuit analysis for our ECE100 CDT tomorrow. Those tests are never fun and as a friend here said, “Yeah, but those CDTs are ridiculous… it takes two people to get the wrong answer.” And so I’m sitting here trying to study with little luck. My eyelids are drooping (the staying-up-real-late-studying-for-midterms will do that to you) and I’m just not in the mood at all. I’ve done so much work these past couple days I think I’m going to puke. At least it’s getting better. I’m getting used to going to the library for many hours on end and just hack through one problem after another. I really admire all those people who did all those homework problems in high school. It takes a lot out of you. And to think, I only do this around exam time. That was for a whole year…

I had three interviews through the whole application process, which really isn’t that good. I know several people who got 10 or more. But the three that I did get all seemed to be pretty solid jobs so I’d be decently happen with any one of them. The one I had today was Bell Mobility as a Strategy and Planning Analyst (that means I get to help plan their services, products, etc) and was almost completely business oriented. I think it’d be an awesome job. It may have a negative impact on my future applications though. It’s not really technical so I won’t be able to add to my experience when I apply to technical jobs. That is assuming I want to pursue a technical path. I could always focus more on the business/marketing side of technology. I mean I wrote about this a couple times already and I have to admit, it’s pretty appealing. We’ll see what happens. I got ranked for all three of my interviews (Research in Motion, GlaxoSmithKline and the previously mentioned Bell Mobility) but I won’t be able to see if I actually get any offers until tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

I’m going home this weekend. I think I deserve the break, although it is figurative mostly. I’ll be able to sleep in a nice bed and eat good food but I’ll still have to study my ass off for the remaining two midterms: ECE103 Discrete Mathematics and MSCI 261, which is essentially accounting. I have no idea what to expect for the math midterm. If it’s all proofs I’m messed up. I don’t know any of the theorems I probably should.

That’s what the weekend’s for.


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