Two Games, Same Result

Well against all odds (perhaps?) the Edmonton Oilers, Canada’s last chance at the Stanley Cup, have moved two games ahead of Anaheim in the Western Conference Finals. I watched the last half of both games and yes, they ended essentially the same way, Edmonton up 2-1 and then they put in an empty net goal to guarantee the win. I’m quite proud right now. Plus they’re going back home for the next two games. Hopefully the crowd will be a boost to the team. And Roloson has been plain awesome. He just scoots across the crease like nobody’s business.

In other news, Oblivion’s super addictive. I’m at level 10 now (I know, quite measely still, but I don’t have much time to play) and I’ve got some nice Ebony and Dwarven armour along with an Umbra Sword, Dwarven Bow and Dwarven Longsword. Killing that Umbra girl was how I got all the Ebony stuff early in the game. That was a pain. She absolutely destroyed me and if it weren’t for me drinking down a huge load of health potions and just hacking away, I wouldn’t have been able to beat her.

And since it’s a long weekend, I won’t have to go back to the unversity until tomorrow, not that I’m complaining. I was able to get quite a solid amount of work done though. I’m also looking forward to the lack of a 3 hour lab Tuesday morning. Perhaps a nice start to the shortened week?


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  1. And did you get some nice magic booties too? 😉

    Kidding…although you do realize you are just feeding my addicition, don’t you? I’m going to need counceling if I don’t get that game soon.

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