Tuesdays and Thursdays

I’m not exactly sure what it is about these two days in particular, but it seems everything is launched/released on these two days. Let’s take a look at a few examples over this past week:

  1. Apple held the “It’s Showtime” event this past Tuesday, rehashing the entire iPod line and shows off an iTV device to be launched early next year. I take this ‘pre-launch’ of the iTV as a sign that even Steve Jobs knew that this past week’s launch was terrible. I mean I got most of the 5.1G iPod’s enhancements through the version 1.2 firmware update. What am I missing out on? A 40% brighter screen, whoopdeedoo. Oh and I don’t get this clunky search function for my iPod. The nano got ‘updated’ with an aluminum casing a la iPod Mini. I’d imagine part of that had to do with the ‘lawsuits’ against the scratch-ability of the previous nano incarnation. And well the shuffle got smaller. But it still sucks. Although for all you people who would rather be ‘surprised’ by what music you hear, by all means buy a shuffle and slip it onto your shirt so everyone can know you have an iPod…
  2. Nvidia launched the GeForce 7950GT video card Thursday as the second part of its fall product refresh, part one being the 7900GS. One of the main improvements over the 7900GT is the addition of 256MB VRAM, bringing the total to 512MB. However, it seems like the 79xx series doesn’t benefit as much from extra RAM as the ATI X19xx series does. So most of the performance improvement comes from the faster core clock. HDCP is also standard now, which is useful if you want to splurge $1K for a HD/BluRay DVD and use Windows Vista. Not a terribly good card considering the X1900XT 256MB is cheaper and is faster.
  3. Company of Heroes also launched this past Thursday. Now of all the events this past week, I’d say that was the most exciting. I picked up a copy yesterday. Company of Heroes is a real time strategy (RTS) game made by Relic. It’s based on the ‘adventures’ of Able Company from the D-Day invasion onwards. As I’ve written previously, the game isn’t about building a mass of units and rushing. It’s very strategy-oriented. It’s unlike many other RTS games where the infantry units are pretty much useless against tanks and so on. Instead, the infantry can be outfitted with a plethora of upgrades that allow them to take on heavy vehicles. The AI is the best I’ve seen in just about any game. It’s like the computer actually thinks about what it’s doing. The entire environment is destroyable and units can hide behind a variety of types of cover, increasing their resistance to weapons fire. In addition, it doesn’t hurt that the graphics are extremely good for a RTS and I’m not even running a top end machine. I can only imagine what it’s like with a better video card than what I currently have. The cut-scenes work very well for furthering the plot and really draws you into the story. I can’t say enough good things about the game and it seems like review sites feel the same way. Read some of the reviews here if you’re interested.

Yeah, everything happens Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don’t really know why, although I guess Monday and Friday are never good days to do any sort of launch, since they’re too close to the weekend. And Wednesday… I don’t know why that day is so neglected…


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