Trifiniti Update and Plans

Well, the tri-column blog really wasn’t hard to hack up from what I already had. Just create a new php file with the same sort of layout as the sidebar.php which already exists. Make sure to edit your style.css to reflect that there are now two sidebar columns or if you want the two sidebars to have exactly the same sort of styling, just add another tag to the existing CSS tags in the style.css file. However make sure you plan out where the columns will go. You’ll probably want to use the ‘float’ attribute to define the placement (right or left) of the columns. So that would be float: left; if you want it to the left of the main content and then place your include function before the main content block is called or before/after the sidebar is called. The main content is usually called int he header.php file while the sidebar is usually called in the footer. Then do some rebalancing of the content in each sidebar and you’re done!

I think I’m going to concentrate on making a completely original template and since I have more experience now, it should look a bit better than my very first template I had.


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