Transformers Movie Review

All my childhood TV-watching has culminated in the Transformers movie which I had the pleasure of watching last night. People seeking lots of action and perhaps a twinge of nostalgia must see this movie. I never followed the original Transformers show terribly closely, so I can’t say for certain how accurate the movie is within that framework, but it was thrilling nonetheless.

Warning: Some spoilers from here on.

What do you get when you mix big robots, amazing CG, hot chicks (albeit a bit done up, if you know what I mean) and lots of explosions? Pure awesome-ness. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the Autobots and Decepticons battled it out in the less-than-cartoon environment. It is possibly one of the best movies I’ve seen.

And I can’t say it’s because of the amazing story of fabulous acting (there’s relatively minimal character development as most of the movie focuses on some serious ass-kicking). It wasn’t completely devoid of plotline, but you could easily tell the emphasis was on the action and the mere fact that the Transformers were. And I’m not complaining.

In the original cartoon, the Autobots were, well, automobiles and the Decepticons were typically more weapon-based machines. So the Decepticons already had a more bad-ass nature about them, even in the animated series. However, in the movie, the Decepticons’ coolness factor increased exponentially – Starscream ended up being a super F-22, Brawl a modified A1 Abrams tank and Blackout a Pave Low helicopter. Meanwhile the Autobots were… GM vehicles for the most part.

There were a few iffy things throughout, things that made you go, ‘huh, why’d didn’t/did they do that?’ For example, how did the kid manage to climb the building much faster than Megatron did? Why would they bring the All Spark to the city? How did the Transformers survive the heat of entry into the atmosphere, but crumble under a couple well-placed shots from the soldiers? There was also a hell of a lot of extremely close-up action. It added to the hectic mayhem that was occurring but also made it a little difficult to see which Transformer was which. You sort of saw the beginning of a battle and then the end with a victor and a loser.

Despite a few niggles, the movie was just fantastic. You know it’s a good movie when it makes you want to go back and watch the old Transformers shows. In fact, I have them and I think I will be doing just that. 😀 I’ve already heard people talk about the possibility of a sequel, and eventually a trilogy (they’re all the rage these days). I await with impatience for the next installment.

Oh and there were quite a few not-so-subtle digs at the current administration. Especially stay for the credits and you’ll see what I mean.


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  1. Interestingly in the cartoon the All Spark worked differently. Every so often it would give off a spark… of course. And then if an autobot or decepticon found it, the spark would create a new transformer for their appropriate team.

    Not to say that this new updated idea for the all spark isn’t good, I guess it updates the idea to be more modern.

  2. How did the kid manage to climb the building much faster than Megatron did? Megatron had to climb those old rickety stairs… and he weights 1000 tonnes… I’m no physicist but I’m sure he took quite a few spills on his way up there after complete destroying the entire stair case under the weight of his massive foot.

    Why would they bring the All Spark to the city? Yeah, this really doesn’t make any sense… If Optimus Prime REALLY wanted to destroy when he found it, and he had some sort of way to destroy it when he found it, why would he let Uncle Sam try and destroy it when he clearly implied he knew how to get ride of it when they started looking for it?

    How did the Transformers survive the heat of entry into the atmosphere, but crumble under a couple well-placed shots from the soldiers? After re-watching the movie it isn’t the few well placed shots by the soldiers that bring down the beast, it’s the missiles from the planes combined with the GI JOE moves… but still, his back would be hamburger helper… and not the good kind…

    Other Questions include:

    How much money did Apple spend to get all the 1337 signal hackers to use their computers (Along with mountain dew for the awesome robot, Microsoft for the Xbox shots, GM, Nokia, etc…)? Also, what on earth is a signal hack and how do you do it to search for crap. AND how do hot auzie chicks that are ‘right out of high school’ do it? AND the list goes on and on until we just have to realize that it is in fact a movie, geared towards children no less…

    And I totally agree with Marf…

  3. *Transformer sound* Transformers, Robots in disguise…

    nice to hear that again…and in surround sound with flashy CG, good stuff I was impressed as well. The lack of plot and bad acting doesn’t surprise me at all, I mean clearly all the money in this movie went straight into the cube.:D

    I also have some solutions for your questions:

    They didn’t burn up in the atmosphere because they were in capsules. They were not mere bullets but high heat artillery rounds.

    Megatron was still a bit rusty from being frozen for a few thousand years and weighs god knows how many tons….how to you expect concrete to support him going up a building eh?

    and speaking of close up action. I saw it int he front row of the theater since we go there only an hour before the film ….yea ONLY an hour ….

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