To WordPress 2.0 – soon…

Well, I’m going to upgrade this weekend. My blog engine of course. I’ve been reading the WordPress docs about upgrading and it really doesn’t seem that bad. Plus I’ll get a bunch of features that’ll make my plugins pointless. It was mostly this blog post that convinced me to upgrade. Take a look at a few of the features that are added. Yeah, it seems like something such as Blogger already has many of these features, but with these additions, WordPress will have those features plus more.

5 little things I like about WordPress 2.0

So tomorrow it is (well, I guess today now). If this blog goes down… well, I’ll be sure to make a backup. Oh and still watching the CES presentation by Microsoft. This is damn long… I still have Intel’s presentation to watch too. I’ll leave that for later today I guess.


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  1. Well, that I sure will do, especially since they’ll be launching the Mactels, which should be interesting. Even the PC dual core laptops just announced are looking good. I’m curious to see what Apple’ll do with the potential.

  2. I’m tempted to upgrade to 2.0 as well, although I have so many plugins holding up my blog at the moment, I might hold of until I have a few days to spare to fix any issues that might arise.

  3. Oh man, I’m almost soiling myself with excitement just thinking about the Mactels (almost). What do you think about the iHome rumors running rampant all over the internet these past few days?

  4. Oh yeah… iHome… The pics definitely look pretty bad and if that’s actually the thing that launches, I’ll be disappointed in Apple. It definitely doesn’t look as good as I’d expect coming from Apple.

    As for Viiv, well I’m not a big fan of all the marketing, but the idea is good enough. A cool running, fast CPU in the living room. I may have to replace the PC we’ve got hooked up to the HDTV right now. But I’d definitely need at least a PCI-e graphics slot so I can play games. I don’t think Intel’s integrated graphics aren’t going to run the latest games too well. 😛

  5. Pics? I wasn’t aware of any pictures. Although, I imagine it’s not hard to fake a 42″-50″ plasma/LCD Computer/TV combo, so they very well could be out there.

  6. Whoa. We’re talking about two completely different iHomes. The iHome I’m talking about is the following rumor:

    1. iHome w/ HDTV integrated. Think extra-large iMac. iSight included. 42″ (2499$) & 50″ (3299$) (same price points as high end PBs) screen using CNT-FED or possibly SED technology.

    2. Headless set top box iHome. Front Row 2.0, DVI w/HDCP, etc.

    The two devices are rumored to be part of a new lineup. Rumor has it they may even be Viiv compatible.

    Personally, I think this is a load of who-haw. Absolute rubbish. What we’re going to see at MWSF is:

    1. Updated intel Mac mini, possibly with Front Row on it and TV compatible so you can turn it into some sort of media entertainment box.

    2. Updated shuffle. Smaller size, available in black and white.

    3. Updated iLife ’06, .Mac and iWork.

    4. Intel iBooks, possibly Intel PowerBooks; who knows.

    I strongly disagree that we’re going to see this iHome plasma Mac/TV emerge.

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