This Pisses Me Off

Well, I’m what you would call a computer enthusiast. I eat, drink, and breathe computers. Okay, so maybe not that intense… In any case, I’ve done quite a bit of work with computers and I’ve done enough mods and overclocking to be pretty experienced with it. But as an enthusiast, I always keep one thing in the back of my mind. There’s a chance of breaking stuff. That’s just the way it goes.

When you run a piece of hardware way past its specified limits, of course you’re running a risk. You’re making that toy operate outside of the limits given to it by the manufacturer. That warranty only covers malfunctions under normal operating conditions. Slapping on huge copper heatsinks and overvolting breaks that warranty you agree on when purchasing that item. I’ve probably broken the warranty on 90% of the computer hardware I own. But I take a calculated risk. I understand that I’m outside warranty coverage and that if it messes up, well I’ve had my fun and I paid the consequences.

Some people don’t understand that.

Volt mod your 6800go non Ultra (or Ultra) L@@K here!

That’s just a recent example of a row I got into with a fellow forum member. Now I don’t post too much at that forum (only around 500 posts or so) but this thread really hit a sore spot for me. The computer enthusiast group is a very exclusive group and I feel honoured to be a part of it. These people are doing a grave dishonor to it. They’re voltmodding their cards, frying them and then returning them under warranty to get a free replacement. Clearly this is not covered by the warranty and shows deep dishonesty and immoral practice. One guy in particular is practically condoning these activities. I cannot stand for that.

Maybe it’s because I’m on the road to becoming an engineer and the basis of that profession is well, professionalism. We have a duty to the public to be ethical and moral. Those are the fundamentals upon what we’re based. I’ve fried my share of hardware, including a Radeon 9700 Pro back when they were pretty expensive still. But did I go running to ATi asking for a replacement? No, because I understood the risks and I faced the consequences. These people should do the same. These are the people who, in part, contribute to the high costs of some products. These, cheap, dishonest people are causing the rest of us pain, whether you realize it or not.

Now it may sound like I’m overreacting a bit here, and perhaps I am, but my point still stands. As a consumer, we have responsibilities too. If you expect me (in the future an engineer) to be ethical and design and make products for you, I expect you to be the same back. Don’t trick me or fool me to try and make up for your own stupidity. Take responsibility for your actions. We really need more of that in this world.

So I’m calling you out shoman24v. If you can’t or don’t want to afford replacing something, then don’t mess with it.


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