Third Time’s A Charm?

It’s now been the third time that I’ve been forced to restore my 5G iPod to its factory defaults and erasing all of my music in the process. The last couple times, I sort of knew what caused the problem that forced my hand. The first time was due to EphPod, which somehow modified the file structure perhaps and caused it to be unrecognizable in iTunes. The second time was probably the result of me trying to resuscitate my iPod after if ran out of battery power. The constant restarts probably corrupted the file system. However, this evening was totally out of the blue.

About an hour before I planned to leave to go back to the University of Waterloo, I plugged in my iPod to charge it up a bit and update some of my podcasts. I was greeted by the ominous iTunes error that stated it could not read the contents of my iPod. I had seen this before and the only way I had solved it previously was to do the recommended restore. I hoped this wasn’t the only way out. I did some resetting, a reinstallation of iTunes, but nothing changed. I checked the iPod about menu to find that although it still recognized about 10GB of stuff on there, it stated there were only 16 podcasts and nothing else. The thing is though, I had a few playlists and checking those, the correct songs were still there. They just didn’t show up any where else. Some frantic Googling (I was running out of time) brought up ideas. Smacking it on the palm of the hand, on the edge of a desk, with a blunt object, etc. I also found that several other people also got this problem after using EphPod, like my first horrible experience. So, while it didn’t solve my problem, I can say this: Don’t install EphPod! It has the potential to screw up your iPod!

I did find one thing of interest. Apparently the version 1.1 of the 5G iPod firmware was causing some problems with the iPods. I had previously only heard that it was causing problems with the 60GB ones, and I have the 30GB one. In any case, the only solution was to downgrade the firmware using this third party application. I didn’t have the time to try that, but I’ve got it bookmarked in case my iPod bites the dust again. Then again, I could actually try out this supposedly awesome Apple support team. I really need to start putting these warranties to good use before they run out. Yeah, now that I think about, I’d better play it safe and just get a replacement if it dies again. No need to mess it up trying to fix it myself and get my warranty voided.

So it’s working fine right now, but picking through my music library and transferring multiple gigs of music isn’t exactly my idea of fun, no matter how geeky I may appear. And who knows when it could go again…

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11 Replies to “Third Time’s A Charm?”

  1. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I’ll give it one more chance. After that, Apple’s getting a call/email from me. Luckily, I live pretty close to the Yorkdale Mall store, so perhaps I can arrange a replacement and just go trade mine in for a new one…

  2. OH MAN you have no idea…

    Will, you know how we used to do that all the time? There was a pattern to it…
    “That’s ___”
    “You’re ___”
    “I’ll ____ you”
    “Your mom’s a ___”

    Well I brought that over here and I cannot go ANYWHERE at school without hearing people say that. We’ve added a few good ones…
    “Go ___ yourself”
    “Got ___?”
    “___ this”
    “I’ll ___ your mom… in bed”

    You would love it.

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