The Umbrella – It Does Nothing!

I got caught in a sudden downpour halfway through my daily walk to work. Unfortunately, it was also very windy today – the umbrella did very little to shield me from Mother Nature. I suppose I should be thankful in a way – after all, it was only the first time I’ve been caught in the rain through the whole semester of walking back and forth.

Yes, the whole semester – I can hardly believe that it’s my final week of work at Sybase iAnywhere. My last day is next Wednesday. The entire term has gone by in a flash. But work is still busy as ever, possibly even busier now that I’m frantically trying to wrap up as many things as I can and document whatever work needs to continue so that the students incoming next semester don’t lose any momentum.

Today was a very productive and satisfying day of work. I was able to finish up a tutorial document and forwarded that on to be looked over and approved. Then in the afternoon, I finally solved a problem I’d been working on for the past month or so intermittently. Then to top it all off, I finished up the technical implementation of a demo showing off SQL Anywhere’s web services functionality.

The variety of projects I’ve worked on through the semester has been broad. I think it all sank in today as I worked on my end-of-term presentation that will be given tomorrow to the Product Management team. As I wrote down the larger projects I’ve tackled, the range of tasks astounded me. As well, the interaction with my team and many other people at Sybase was great. At many companies, the co-ops are segregated from the permanent employees, but the co-op oriented environment at Sybase means you can feel comfortable talking and asking questions of everyone. We’re also encouraged to participate in meetings and share our thoughts. I truly felt as part of the company and not just doing work for the sake of doing work.

Part of it was also the co-op community. Sybase hires somewhere between 30 and 40 co-ops every semester and the company is committed to providing one of the best experiences, both in terms of work but also fun as well. We’ve had on average one co-op event every week, ranging from Laser Quest to barbeques to mini-golf. Writing for the co-op newsletter internally has also been a blast.

I’m looking forward to coming back to Sybase for another work semester. My manager told me we should meet soon to talk about what I’d like to do next semester. I presume that means they want me back. 😉


6 Replies to “The Umbrella – It Does Nothing!”

  1. Oh rene…calgary hasn’t changed you much I see. A pre-emptive congrats on getting asked back to Sybase…although I was never sure what you were working on there in the first place…all that “top secret” stuff 😀 you’re really an internation spy aren’t you….that’s why you love those tom clancy books with people getting their wrists cut off and stumps stuck on burning tires 😛

    So wednesday is the end of something for you and a beginning for me…i move to UNB that same day!

  2. Rene – I have no comment….

    Nick – You really should consider capitalizing words. I’m certain professors at UNB wouldn’t be too pleased with that sort of writing. 😉

    You’ll definitely have to write about your experience at UNB, because to be honest, like your thoughts on my job at Sybase, I have no idea what your program actually entails!

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