The Two Faces of Dell’s Service

Sometimes I wonder how such wildly differing service experiences can come from the same company. Not two days after undergoing a sad encounter with Dell’s call centers, I had the replacement 6 cell battery for my M1330 in hand.

I’m extremely impressed by the exchange system Dell has, at least for batteries. I didn’t have to ship mine back first, or anything like that. It only took a day (arranged the replacement late Wednesday night, and it arrived mid-day Friday) for it to arrive. Not only that, inside the box was a pre-paid shipping label for me to return my battery. I don’t even have to pay to ship it back, as is the case for most warranty services I’ve used.

The new battery I received is made by Sanyo, like my 9 cell. The battery that’s being shipped back to Dell is an LG. The new battery charges up to 100% (57720mWhr) just fine, whereas the LG couldn’t even hit 50000mWhr at full charge.

Thanks Dell – the phone calls were a pain, but the service afterwards made up for it.


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  1. I actually need a new battery for my MacBook. After a year and a half my battery only charges to 87% of it’s original capacity after 233 cycles. I suppose I should call Apple and ask for a new one since I do have AppleCare on the thing and it hasn’t gone through 300 cycles yet, which is their cut off for battery warrenty.

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