The Time Is Come

Has it really been four months since I finished my last exam? Well, actually it’s been a few weeks more than 4 months, but I’m getting ready to go back to the University of Waterloo for four more months of school. In the summer! Just as everyone else seems to be finishing their exams and going home, I get to do the exact opposite. What fun really.

The blog has already started to show its neglect. I mean, really, two days without an update! Perhaps that’s just foreshadowing what will almost be a guarantee: I’m not going to have the time to update this religiously. I’ll try my best, but there will be things that get in the way, like rediculously long and difficult calculus assignments. I’ve even decided, not unlike the beginning of my first semester, to drop my gaming for the time I’m at school. The games are still loaded on the computers at home so the few times that I’m home on the weekend, I’ll probably take a crack or two at them, but I really need to concentrate on school and do better this semester. Oh trust me, it’s going to be difficult to leave Oblivion in the unfinished state that it currently is in.

The reason I haven’t updated this blog as regularly as I might have liked in recent days? I’ve been pushing to get my work report finished, and I’m somewhat happy to say that I’ve almost got the first draft completed. That gives me about a week to fix some things up and perhaps reword a few awkward areas. You have to remember, I’m trying to write about a subject that is quite lacking in resources. There are some industry details that are just not open for public consumption. So while it seems like this first draft took an awfully long time (it did), much of the time was spent scouring every possible article looking for some insight to the details I did not have.

I’ve basically got everything packed now and I’m trying one more way to resuscitate my iPod (I’m sort of packing, fixing my iPod, working on the introduction to my work report and writing this post all at the same time). If this doesn’t fix the iPod, I’m seriously considering just throwing it out the window. It’s been way more of a pain than it’s worth. If I was paid the hourly wage I got at my co-op job to fix this iPod, I’d probably have enough made that I could have bought a couple new ones by now.

The next post from me will be from the university deep in the new semester I’d think.


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  1. Take it back to the Apple store for an exchange. I find it odd that it’s given you so many problems.
    P.S.: You didn’t include any tags on this update!

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