The Things You See

So we’re currently in the midst of a trip up the St. Laurence River. No not on the water, along it though. I’m in a hotel on my laptop typing away. What better way to waste away the evening no? Who wants to talk to parents. :p

So yeah, I saw/experienced a few things today that were interesting.

1. While passing a guy on the highway, I happened to look over and this guy was like deep in picking his nose. Like it was shoved up there solid. He must’ve stuck a vein or something with it up there that far. I lol’d…

2. At the waterfront in Kingston, I saw an obese man shirtless. I think I should’ve sued for indecent exposure. Like this was nasty stuff. All hairy too to compound the total awesomeness. Teh Pwn as I would’ve put it.

3. I got crapped on. Like literally defecated on. By a bird. Again at the Kingston waterfront. Guess I sat there for too long in the sun. Luckily I had multiple changes of clothes. Oops. 😐 Wasn’t gonna put this here, but hey, what the hell. I’ve never been literally crapped on before. And to the seagull that did it I have this to say: I hope your seagull friends steal all your food. kthxbye

4. Visited Queen’s University.

5. Had the most hugest, monstrous dinner ever tonight. We went to a restaurant called Au Vieux something or other. The place was pretty nice. I got some Grilled Chicken blah blah blah. Damn, that thing was huge. I shoved most of it down my throat though. It was awesomely good but probably twice the size of my meager stomach. I think I may have pulled a belly muscle cramming it all in. Fun stuff.

6. I think UT’s getting to me.

7. Yep, definitely.

8. Tried playing UT2003 on this wireless hotel connection. Let’s just say it’s not made for that kind of stuff. Will and Nick’ll know what I mean when you’re running around and then all of a sudden you appear running up against a wall. Amen.

So we’re in Cornwall right now. (No, unfortunately not Cornwall, PEI) It’s a decently small place (50K or so?) and it feels quite a lot like the Cornwall of PEI actually, kinda rural, spread out but still civilized. We also visited Kingston earlier, hence the Queen’s U visit.

I thought the university kinda lacked the beauty that I had in mind. Yes the architecture was pretty good, but it was in like the middle of the city with very little land. There was very little green (like nature I mean) and very busy since busy streets run through it. It doesn’t really have its own private campus dealio. Out of U of T, U of Waterloo, U of Western Ontario and Queen’s, I have to say I prefer the aesthetics of Western the most. The campus is very nice and landscaping wise, it’s gorgeous. But then again, I doubt you’re going to university to admire the scenery. Meh, every bit helps.

Oh another thing. My X800XT Platinum Edition video card was finally shipped from ATi. Thankfully it’s already arrived. Unfortunately it’s currently sitting outside on our front steps. Fedex apparantly doesn’t need a signiture. So yeah, that expensive piece of hardware is sitting there outside our house. We won’t be back for a few days so ummm, hope no one takes it. Otherwise I’m gonna open a can of whoopass on Fedex. 😐 Unlikely I’d find out who took it.


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  1. “8. Tried playing UT2003 on this wireless hotel connection. Let’s just say it’s not made for that kind of stuff. Will and Nick’ll know what I mean when you’re running around and then all of a sudden you appear running up against a wall. Amen.”

    Ah, good times playing UT on my old computer. It’s also pretty awesome when you click to shoot, then about 5-10 minutes of running into walls later, you finally take the shot. YES! I fragged the wall!

    Hope your video card doesn’t get stolen 🙂

  2. 1. Hahaha, it’s like Seinfeld.

    2. WE SHARE A MIND!!!! Everytime I see a fat, old, hairy man walking around with no shirt I feel like they should pass a law prohibiting it. Or a law enabling women to do the same.

    3. I remembre that happened to some girl at Birchwood back in the day. I thought it was hysterical. Where did it land?

  3. 1. Yeah didn’t see that episode…
    2. So you want old, hairy women with no shirts to walk around legally? 😐
    3. Just the sleeve. No biggy. No contact with skin. Phew

  4. Well, since you shared your bird story I´ll share mine. Nice post (pretty funny) and it´s nice to hear about your life for a change:)

    So I was down at the Traunsee the gianormous lake in the middle of a mountain range 10 minutes walking from the school. Myself and a buddy (Tyler from BC) decide to go swimming, it was probably about 10-15 degree water:P So we dove in off the pier and swam to the opposite pier where the other (Rotary) guys were. I got out and dove back in off the pier. Unfortunatly I did not see the huge white shape floating in the water in front of me and so almost landed directly on a swan. Needless to say the swan was not very happy and decided to show me this in the way of attempting to peck my eyeballs out. It swam after me as I headed back the the pier as fast as I could all the while pecking my legs and feet. I was warned of Austrian ticks and moutain cats and moose (or elk or something) but you think someone could have warned me about the killer swans!?!?!?!?

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